High-fiber, high-nutrient food helps to supply the body with needed nutrients, improves regularity, stabilizes blood sugar, and eases weight control. You can eat more, feel less hungry and more satisfied.

There is convincing evidence that high fiber food lessens osteoporosis; decreases the likelihood of artery disease, heart attack, and stroke; aids in limiting body fat; lessens or in some cases prevents diabetes; and lessens the chances of developing some types of cancer.

Optimizing diet to improve health and vitality is a source of pride and satisfaction.

Many of these recipes call for the use of a food processor to produce a mash, pesto, sauce, puree or pudding consistency. As such, the food is easy to digest. The elderly, those with hypochloridia, or anyone with digestion problems might benefit. It would seem likely that pulverizing in a food processor increases nutrient absorption and improves digestion.


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